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OWNER NAME: David Guindon and Chris Guthrie


RATING:  8/10


Amazon is expanding its marketplace and there are now thousands of Amazon sellers competing with each other. If there is a hope that you can be ahead of the competition you will probably find comfort from using analytic tools for Amazon business. This will help provide the information that you need in order to be as competitive and profitable as possible. The AmaSuite 5 is a tool that Amazon sellers are widely using today and you are probably wondering whether you should use it too for your Amazon business. Here’s my AmaSuite 5 review to give you an overview what the system is all about and how it can help your Amazon business grow more profitably in a highly competitive online environment.

AmaSuite 5 – Optimizing your internet marketing stints

Amasuite 5 is software developed by David Guindon and Chris Guthrie who have the expertise being a software developer and Amazon affiliate. It is mainly a top product analyzer that can help you decide which products you should become an affiliate marketer of or to sell one on your own. By using the software you cut down the length of time you need to spend for doing product research on Amazon. AmaSuite 5 analyzes different metrics for a particular product and identifies the top selling ones to help you decide which product can make you more money.

A subscription of $197 is required in order to obtain access to the program. Among the product features include instant category search where you can find many sub-categories which you probably did not know exist in Amazon by using only your selected keyword. The analytic data can be exported into an interactive HTML report where products are contained in a single file where you can sort, view and search data you need to know. There are also filtering options that let you find what you are searching for so quickly and you can even obtain data files with your Amazon affiliate links. The software helps you identify easily the top best seller categories that are likely to be profitable in Amazon.

The AmaSuite 5 search analyzer will also help uncover hidden information about a product and you can easily sort out according to your preference. What Amazon affiliates like about this feature is that it helps them find products with big discounts which make selling them easier. The AmaSuite 5 also has some upgrades which include additional columns that allow you to customize what data you want to see or extract from the software. You can also get the Amazon product history that will display the products previous price and ranking.

Perks and Bonuses

Not only does your subscription come with powerful analytical tool but it also comes with additional bonuses of significant value. You will get an access to the Amazon Sellers Training Course which gives you an opportunity to watch the video that walks you through selling products on Amazon, getting reviews and research for competition using the software. The Amazon Affiliate Training Course also provides what you need to learn how to choose affiliate products, getting traffic and content marketing strategies. AmaSuite 5 also gives you access to its Facebook community where you can interact with fellow affiliates who can share you some tips on how to improve your money making opportunities on Amazon.


The Pros

The AmaSuite 5 is now loaded with features and bonus programs that are very useful for an Amazon affiliate or online seller. It also provides additional opportunity to make money since its analytic data feature that can be exported as an interactive HTML report is very valuable and you can sell it to your clients. Many are very interested of getting valuable analytic reports for Amazon products and you can export and sell the data to them. The software has a very simple and easy to use interactive platform which makes it easier for newbies to use and navigate. The product also provides a 30 day 100% refund guarantee.

The Cons

While the software already has its upgrade it needs some improvement in terms of system performance.


The AmaSuite 5 has improved features which include faster search, more data and information to extract and better tools for searching the top seller products on Amazon. The features that come with the software are more awesome than its older version. Amazon sellers and Amazon affiliates alike can benefit from its powerful features that make searches for Amazon best selling products faster and easier. You should try out the software and find out whether it can help you jumpstart your internet selling and affiliate marketing endeavors on Amazon highly productive, efficient and profitable.


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