Affilorama Review 2018 – Worth Your Time And Money?

Product Name: Affilorama

Owner: Mark Ling


Overall Rating: 80 out of 100

Affilorama is a mixture of both an online platform and a visible community that is capable of teaching most people how they can quickly make money online as an affiliate. An affiliate is someone who is usually either self-trained or trained by someone else to promote other people’s products on a large scale. As the largest affiliate marketing company in the world, Affilorama does stand at the top of the chain when it comes to offering this service.

The website itself also doubles as an effective training website that intends teaching you everything that you need to know to either get started or further your current career as an affiliate. Unfortunately, the training that they offer is not the best at keeping up with real world online marketing trends. These trends are constantly evolving and using old marketing techniques can destroy your business at a rapid pace.

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What training does Affilorama actually offer?

Most of the training that is offered online by the Affilorama website comes in the form of videos that you have to sit down and watch. There are more than one hundred videos in the library for you to sift through that cover a variety of affiliate marketing topics, including how affiliate marketing is done and how you can make a living by using affiliate marketing techniques to your advantage.

The website itself has been online for almost a decade now. As time has passed, it has managed to build up a huge online community on the platform. This community is made up of novice workers and professional affiliate marketers who are raking in thousands on a monthly basis. You can even use the community forum to either look for questions that have already been asked or ask your own questions.

It is worth noting that there is more to see than this, but you would have to invest in a premium membership to access other areas of the site. You can see more about that in our “The differences between a free and a premium membership” section.

How does the pricing work on Affilorama?

The pricing system on Affilorama can be viewed as quite odd and it is worth immediately noticing that they try to frequently promote two different levels of “upsells.” Using this technique is generally seen as a morally wrong thing to do because it involves trying to get more money out of a member who is already paying a monthly subscription to use the platform. No business should ever use this technique, especially when they are trying to teach other people how to effectively market products.

When you first log in to your free account on the Affilorama website you will notice a bar at the top of the screen that features a timer. Could this be the way that Affilorama puts pressure on new affiliate marketers? It states that if you upgrade your free membership to a
premium membership within just a week, you can get access for 30 days for just $1. After this time period, the price rises all the way up to $67 per month.

This pricing is rather expensive when you consider other factors and other platforms that offer the same advice, but you do have the option to cancel at any time and you are not tied into a contract. The real problems come in when they try to promote their “upsells.” These include:

Affilorama Blueprint Review – The first upsell

affilorama blueprint review

The Affiloblueprint System is officially an upsell that you will be offered shortly after you upgrade your free account to a premium account. It includes almost 100 step-by-step videos that teach you more about affiliate marketing, a number of different lessons and courses that you can take, access to an area that is strictly for private members, access that lasts a lifetime to the Affilorama website, and a handful of extra bonuses. But, all of this comes at a cost. You have to pay an extra $197 to access it.

Affilojetpack Money Making System – The second upsell

The Affilojetpack Money Making System is the second upsell that you will be offered if you were on board for the first one. It includes almost 100 email newsletters, 3 free reports for your products, 3 eBook graphics, an AffiloTheme WordPress theme for you to use, 12 months of web hosting, a complete website setup, content cheat sheets, 18 profitable topics and an online campaign that is built for you within hours. You would be right to question how much all of this might cost: It costs a hefty payment of $997.


Upsells like these are morally wrong on an array of different levels. To access them you would already have to be paying a direct fee of $67 on a monthly basis. Why should a company then have the right to ask you for further one-time payments? You also have to consider the fact that a lot of the products that are included with the upsells, like a complete website set-up, are things that you could easily do on your own with a little bit of prior internet research.
The differences between a free and a premium membership

The Affilorama website makes it look as though you only get to access the areas that could be considered to be more beneficial if you take the plunge and upgrade to a premium account. They claim that while the free account grants you access to things like approximately 100 free video lessons and a number of free member tools, the premium membership must offer you a lot more.

In fact, their premium account listing claims that the premium area offers you everything that you can get with a free account as well as a mixture of advanced training videos, product creation training, Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training and a multitude of other things. The reality of the matter is quite different because you only really get access to three extra things with a premium subscription, they include:

• You get an online magazine subscription from Affilorama. This does not mean that you get to access an archive of prior magazines that have been released too. You actually get drip-fed a magazine that every other premium subscriber has already seen. These articles would be sent to you on a weekly basis

• You get to access a number of premium Affilorama videos. After upgrading your account to a premium account, you can access something that is known as a “Premium Vault.” Inside of the vault, you can find a total of 19 extra videos that have been designed to give smarter insights and in-depth explanations about some of the topics from the free lessons. Most of these videos actually focus on teaching you how to create your own product, which is a relatively good thing if you plan on marketing your own eBooks. But, that is not really relevant to affiliate marketing at all. So why should you have to pay a premium cost?

• Affilorama will host a number of different websites for you. In fact, they agree to host up to fifteen websites on their own servers for their premium members. This solution to hosting can be a little bit problematic. Given the price that you would be paying on a monthly basis, you would actually be better off seeking your own hosting solutions and alternatives. It also means that you have no control over the smaller details, like the speed of your website.
Another feature that we have to mention that is only available with premium accounts is called Affilotools. They advertise this tool as if it is amazing, but in reality, Affilotools is just a simplified and easy to understand version of Google Analytics that does not offer as much information as Google Analytics does. You can add it to all of your social media sites and use it to track both sales and revenue for your affiliate marketing ventures. Please remember that Affilotools alone is not worth it. There are plenty of free videos and snippets of information that you can find on the internet to teach you how to use Google Analytics.

Is Affilorama easy to use?

It is worth noting that Affilorama is relatively easy to use when compared to competing sites. Mark Ling, the businessman responsible for creating Affilorama, and his team have made sure that each affiliate marketing topic has been broken down into sections that are easy to understand. Each of these sections contains a grand total of nine videos, all of which can be accessed with a free account.

You can even keep track of all of the videos that you have actually watched because a little tab will tell you whether the video is “complete” or “incomplete.” This can really help you keep track of your progress. Most of the videos are only a handful of minutes long, but some of them can reach almost half an hour in length.
Affilorama is definitely a website that has been designed for people of all skill levels. It would be easy for someone with no affiliate marketing experience to use it, but people who have their own experience would benefit from it too.

The problem that you have to be aware of is that Affilorama lacks a middle ground between those two different skill levels so it can be difficult to work your way up.

Does Affilorama offer a good level of support?

Affilorama does offer a good mixture of both help and support, but it can take a while for the customer and technical support team to actually get back to you with the information that you need. Most people who frequently use the platform actually ask other members when they have problems in order to make sure that they get a quick response.

If you need further information, then you do have to email the rather slow customer and technical support team. You could even live chat with the creator, Mark Ling, himself. But, there is no guarantee that he will actually be able to help you with your problem at all, nor will he be able to make sure that you get a quicker answer.

Pros and Cons Factors

Every affiliate marketing training website comes with a handful of pros and cons factors. We have to remember that these websites have been designed specifically so that the man at the top of the chain earns as much money as possible, hence the number of upsells that are present on the Affilorama website. Our positive and negative factors include:


The training resources are easy for beginners to understand and master, but most people who use the site hit a wall when they realize that the content has either been designed for beginners or professionals, there is no real middle ground.

Affilorama is one of the biggest affiliate marketing communities on the internet. You can use the forum to communicate with other members, or you can use the live chat feature to talk to them privately.
There is a free option that you can take advantage of that includes hours of relatively useful information in the form of videos. If you do decide to upgrade to a premium account, then you do have a 60-day money back guarantee.


A lot of the information on the Affilorama website is outdated. This is especially true when you look at the marketing techniques that are present on PLR articles. If you did try to use these techniques, then Google would flag you for having duplicate content. Using these outdated strategies can quite literally destroy your online business.

All of the different membership options can start to become a little bit confusing and overwhelming. Each additional upgrade and upsell is advertised as something better than what you already have access to. The free membership only gets you a handful of different things.

Affilorama is constantly trying to push you to spend more money and upgrade to the next level. Upsells like this are not a scam, but they definitely feel like one.


No matter what, any source of free material is a fantastic thing to be able to access. If you want to use Affilorama as a free member, then you should go right ahead and do that. Just make sure that you tread carefully because some of the outdated tools and techniques that are present in the videos could ruin your business in the long run. In our opinion, the premium content that is available on Affilorama really does not justify the cost that comes with it.

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