8 Ball Pool Games – 5 Best Youtube Coaches

Playing pool at pub and billiard salon is not something new. It becoming a popular trend these days as well. So if you are regular player and like to bring your game to another level. Here are the my 5 top recommended Youtube coaches you can learn from.  

His pool lesson is well organize and give clear advice on what to do during training and real match. But some of the video is too long. 

2) Lil' Chris

He is a very patient coach among the rest. His lesson go through every single step by step to ensure you understand which you may find it quite slow. There are real matches he play that recorded in his Youtube Channel. 

3) Pool School

This coach is more on UK 8 ball, which use smaller ball and 9mm tip pool cue. He teach at the comfort at his own home. Short video and straight to the point to improve your game. 

4) Brandon Billiard Guy

Brandon run his own billiard cue shop. He is not just a shopkeeper guy. He know pool inside out. He make shot look easy. His video is short and good. If you look for quick answer on how some shot need to be execute, he is the guy.  

5) Dr Dave Billiard

Dave use try and error to show how pool ball movement to make his followers learn. He explain in details how armature make their shot wrong and how to improve them. 

Here you are, my top 5 Youtube pool coach, hope you can improve your game.

Share who you think is a good pool coach you an find online and share it below. Thanks!

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