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You probably think that this is another boring article, like other ones who telling a similar story on how to make money online. Such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, selling online platform Amazon FBA, eBay or Walmart. You also heard of be a virtual assistant or social media manager.

This post is talking about real home business ideas which need you to be physically at home and involve with your business. You need to have the skills, equipment, space, willing to interact with real people and passion to carry out the business.

Why are these home based business ideas ideal to run at your home?

  • Rental can be the killer of the business.
  • Renovation cost of the shop.
  • You save time, travel through and flow.

We are talking about dealing with real customers who willing to let you cut, perm, style, dye and wash their hair.   

You must be an experienced hair stylish or barber who has worked in this industry for quite sometime. You know the market rate for a haircut, styling, wash and blow.

You need to have a room specially for your customer. Set up the hair salon or barber shop nicely. Hire your friend who has worked with you before or even him or her to join you as a partner. You can’t be dealing with all customers with only a pair of hands.

2. Home Restaurants

Let’s talk about food! Yeah, everyone loves food. Are you the family master chef? If you answer YES! And your family and friends love your cooking. You should consider running your own home restaurants.

Your kitchen should be tidy and allow customers to admire you showing off cooking your cooking skill. Next is your dining table should be presentable with a nice tablecloth and flowers. 

You can sign up an account with Plate Culture, become  a host and list your food menu. 

3. Laundry Service

You can see there are lots of DIY laundry service where people bring their clothes all the way and insert coins. Sit there and wait to collect their clothes to be washed.

You are here to help these people. If you constantly the one in charge of washing your family clothing. You can order this service to people staying around you. They can drop their clothes to your door step and once you finish their laundry. Give them a call to collect back. Offer extra service such as ironing, pick up and return. 

You can sign up an account with Next Door Wash and list your laundry service. 

4. Repairs Shop (Bike, Laptop, Phone and Lots More)

What are the things do you know how to repair? Let’s take bicycle, for example. A passion cyclist with a good bike will learn how to maintain and do repairs on his own. The more his hands on learning how to repair he get knowledge and skill.

Next he can set up a workshop in his home or garage for his own maintenance and repair corner. So this gives him an advantage to help others with their bike maintenance and repair. This can bring in extra income.

5. Home Photo Shoot Studio

If you love travelling around and arm with your camera on your neck. I believe you have some killer shot skill that can make you money. So now head back home and get ready to set up your home photo shoot studio.

Products recommended to use for setting up your home studio. 

Once your studio is ready, time to get clients. Charge them in packages. Family, wedding, babies or product photo gallery.

6. Sewing

All I know about sewing is just to get the thread and needle to sew my jeans pocket hole. This is just not my cup of tea, but it might be a home business idea for you. If you have a sewing machine, it’s time to sew some project for cash.

It can be old school ways to make money using your sewing machine  

  1. Offer Repair and Alteration Services
  2. Make Garments for Others
  3. Specialize in Making Home Décor
  4. Become a Sewing Tutor
  5. Sell Your Sewing Crafts
  6. Offer sewing machine repair service

Learn More: 6 Ways to Make Money Sewing

7. Airbnb and More Alternative

Airbnb is nothing new here, but there many more alternative to list your home or extra room for short term rental. This will give you more expose and more opportunity to make money instead of focusing only on Airbnb.

Learn More: Airbnb Alternative to List Your Home. 

8. Co-Working Space

Similar with Airbnb but this is for work space office. If you not comfortable letting a stranger to stay in your home, consider renting out your space for people to work. You can charge hourly, daily or weekly.

You can list your home on these sites

9. Massage Therapy

  • Running your own massage therapy at your own home, need to check your any legal permit involve in your country.

    If you are certified massage therapist you should consider running your own business at home. You need to have cozy rooms with dim lighting and nice music to make your client comfortable.

  • Massage bed can get the portable type if you need space for yourself.

10. Home Arcade Center

Arcade in shopping mall seems to fade. If you are a fan of arcade, how nice it is to run your own arcade center right in your home. This can be a costly investment and plan it properly.

Prepare to have token or gaming card with credit

Bonus - Home Business Ideas

11. Musician/Singer

Everyone loves music. Rock, Pop, Classic, Rap and lot more. If you can sing just let your voice out showcase on YouTube. You never know you are the next big hit.

Set up your home music studio and learn how to monetize your music.


You can start a home business that mention above,  list your service or business on the third party marketplace website. If you can’t find any of your business ideas on a marketplace website. You start a Facebook Fan Page.  

But there  a disadvantage listing on a marketplace platform because you are the mercy of the owner of those websites. As for Facebook Fan Page a slight mistake on your posting will result as page unpublished.

What should be the option to run a proper business. You need to have your own website with full control of the content. No one can suddenly terminate your content or page without any reason.

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